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Ryan Tevepaugh is a successful entrepreneur who has built thriving real estate, construction, and auto-detailing businesses. As the owner of RMT LLC, he has specialized in real estate purchasing and development for over a decade. In fact, he began his working life at a local fitness center in Chicago. He moved his way up the ranks and eventually managed that local fitness center before moving back to the Cleveland area.

He is currently an entrepreneur located in Ohio`s competitive real estate industry. During his years of education, he received an athletic scholarship for baseball to attend Trinity Christian College from 2004-2008. When he graduated, he began his business by taking advantage of the 2008 real estate bubble in the United States and his portfolio has been growing ever since. A family-oriented man, Ryan enjoys spending his free time coaching his children’s youth sports team in their local community.

Recently, Ryan has started a mobile auto detailing business. He’s been attempting to create different opportunities for himself in order to make a more positive impact on the people around him. He’s been donating portions of his earnings to organizations who support people who are less fortunate. In the future, he hopes to continue to development these side businesses in order to expand his local philanthropic endeavors. Finally, if you would like to support Ryan’s efforts, please feel free to reach out through his contacts page.

Ryan Tevepaugh

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